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  • An easy-going medium roast with clean notes and mellow citrus tones. Tasting Notes: mellow citrus tones Country of Origin: South America 12 oz Bag
  • A bright, light-medium roast that is well-balanced with flavors of tropical fruits. Tasting Notes: Balanced, tropical fruits Country of Origin: Costa Rica 12 oz Bag
  • Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf This delicious offering is naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process for a chemical free experience. Fair Trade and Organic Certified, this coffee is 99.9% caffeine free through a process that also is organic and kosher certified. Tasting Notes: Clean, bold, earthy with a hints of fruit Country of Origin: Peru – Fair Trade Organic 12 oz Bag
  • A light-medium, well-balanced and straightforward roast with flavors of bakers’ chocolate and a slight blood orange acidity. Tasting Notes:  Baker’s Chocolate, blood orange Country of Origin: Honduras 12 oz Bag
  • This medium-dark roast is sweet and heavy with tones of chocolate and rich caramel. Tasting Notes:  Tones of chocolate and caramel. Country of Origin: Peru 12 oz Bag
  • This delicious dark roast is extremely smooth with smoky earth tones and rich chocolate and scotch notes. Tasting Notes: Rich, earthy, with hints of chocolate and scotch. Country of Origin: Uganda 12 oz Bag
  • Dark Roast An amazing dark roast without the bitterness of dark roast!  Our Uganda Italian has a rich, smokey flavor giving this a complex but delicious taste. Tasting Notes: rich, smoky, complex Country of Origin: Uganda 12 oz Bag


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