The Blends Sampler Pack includes one 6 oz. bag each of the following coffees:

Into the Light Dig up the rich, earthy flavors and subtle hints of berries in this light roast sourced from Tanzania and El Salvador. Into the Light is a delicious start to any day or a great pick-me- up at any time.

Perkatory A well-balanced and straightforward medium roast with flavors of bakers’ chocolate and a slight blood orange acidity.

Dark Soul Step into the dark, clean, rich taste of an exceptional blend from Indonesia and Brazil. The earthy tones and bold finish are what makes Dark Soul the choice for coffee lovers who desire a smooth coffee without bitterness.

Fearless Espresso Brave souls love the rich flavor of this dark roast blend that uses beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. The rich chocolate and heavy body is nicely balanced with hints of fruit. This is just the brew to snap you to attention.

Kona Blend Our incredible Kona Blend is a delicate balance of fresh Kona blended with our amazing single sourced Brazil for a taste of incredible, delectable coffee that you will keep you coming back for more.