Want to change your subscription delivery frequency? Follow these simple steps below!

  1. Select the Upgrade or Downgrade button on the line item they want to switch.
  2. Select a new subscription product and clicks Sign up Now.
    • A checkout form is presented, along with a notice that this subscription will replace the existing subscription and the date the next payment will be charged.
  3. Completes the checkout form for the new subscription.
    • The standard Order Received page is presented, displaying details of up-front payment (if any) and recurring payments (if any).
  4. Is returned to the My Account page where they can see the line item on the subscription has been changed, and the recurring totals updated (if the amounts were different).

Screenshots below show a customer switching from one subscription variation to another.

Step 1

This image shows the button to press to change your subscription.

Step 2

This image shows the Subscription Details in your cart.

Step 3

This image shows Subscription change conformation.

Step 4

This image shows changed Subscription on your My Account page.